Artist Testimonials

If you're serious about your work and don't like your time wasted, then illCap is the guy to go to period. He might share his business tips with you, if you're lucky.

Dao Poeta - Emcee / Recording Artist

My experience working with illCap Beats has always been great. He worked around my budget and still did a great job on all 3 covers I needed for my projects. Beat prices are affordable and I've never felt disrespected. I also enjoy reading all the tips and exclusive offers he sends me through email. Great and easy person to work with.

P.A Skee - Emcee / Recording Artist

Real recognize real, that's why I get down with illCap beats! The combination of skills and dedication, it's rare to come across such talent, Never settling for less, bringing you that underground hip hop feel, mad props yo.

Deadly Blaze - Emcee / Recording Artist

illCap is a TRUE professional. Beats that bang. Graphics that pop. Always time friendly with quick turn around. This man is a one stop shop for your musical and creative needs!

Jukeboxx - Emcee / Recording Artist

Instrumentals for a variety of styles crafted by the mind of a producer who knows the art, communication, and business aspects of music production.

Moey - Emcee / Recording Artist

"Last time when I was looking for good producers on da web I found illCap's beats, I talked to him and he showed me his beats. I really liked his stuff. We started to do some crazy things. write a song over his instrumental it's a different experience. We gonna kill it! We have around 6 tracks coming up, I feel excited to show everybody this project! Moha One ft illCap en los controles!!

Moha Uno - Emcee / Recording Artist

"illCap beats is a versatile and professional producer that I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs any type of instrumental, regardless of what style you are looking for. His versatility and professionalism make it a pleasure to do business with him, and no matter what your style is he is always flexible and willing to work with you. I myself have been very satisfied with the beats that I have purchased from him and can see myself continuing to work with him in the years to come."

Syck Jest - Emcee / Recording Artist

"One day, illCap posted a few YouTube videos with new beats. I'm usually not one to get too excited off of the beats I find on my timeline, but when I clicked both links....Oh My Lord. The beats immediately spoke to me in a manner that caused instant inspiration. Upon listening to them, I instantly contacted illCap and purchased both beats. He helped me and my budget by setting up monthly payment plans. Upon completion of the payments, I received mp3s, wavs and trackouts of the beats purchased. Great, smooth, and flexible business with illCap."

Augustine - Emcee / Recording Artist

"illCap has recently become one of my local go to producers when it comes to quality production. Always reliable, knowledgeable, and straight forward when it comes to the business aspect."

Nathan Soro - Emcee / Recording Artist

"illCap is a great producer/beat maker. Can cook up basically any type of beat you need, from west coast to boom bap, even that trap for them trap heads. Great person to work with as well. Good prices for top quality beats. The first producer I've worked with and i gotta say hes one of my go-to's when it comes to fire beats!"

Stez Uno - Emcee / Recording Artist

"Ive worked with the the game's best illCap falls in that same category INNOVATIVE, PROFESSIONAL AND MOTIVATING."

Absyrd - Emcee / Recording Artist

"illCap fits accordingly in the category of intriguing. Different. Diverse... You know, that "Ordinary" in front of the word extra. Graphics, beats, templates, you name it! Hence why you can call me a returning customer"

Izzy DRASTIK - Emcee / Recording Artist

"illCap has top notch beats from boom bap to melodic, the purchase process was mad easy on his site."

Higgz Bo$on - Emcee / Recording Artist

"Thanks to homie illCap and his amazing sounds, I’m bringing you a whole new solo album this year! Everyone needs to do THEMSELVES a favor and go cop an illCap Beat!! Trust, you will be highly satisfied!!”

Worst - Emcee / Recording Artist

“illCap is the modern day golden era hip hop conductor. Pumping out the sickest beats since the greatests in the 90’s. illCap’s beats will test your skills in writing, free-styling and have you nodding your head like you’re supposed to.

IllNes Infection - Salvajes