How To – Quick Way To Clean Up A Mix

How To – Quick Way To Clean Up A Mix

Way back when the majority of music was recorded to analog tape. Little to no information was recorded below 30hz or so. Now in the “digital age” every frequency down to 0hz is captured. This can be an issue for those monitoring on small speakers, in rooms that aren’t acoustically treated (which is most people these days).

Situations like this, there can be build up of low-end noise that’s too low in frequency to be heard on small monitors (speakers). Yet it’s eating up headroom and affecting any audio that can be heard. The best way to clean up that low-end noise is to use a ‘high-pass filter’. I usually run a high-pass filter acrHP Flteross every track, set at 30hz. Just cleans up unnecessary frequencies and Free’s up headroom.

To get a little more deep, Raise the frequency of the high-pass filter on tracks that contain a lot of mud or unwanted low-end. The ultimate goal isn’t to thin everything out but remove unwanted mud.

A good rule of thumb is to go track by track, raising the HP filter cut-off frequency on each track to where it sounds like it’s cleaning up, then back it off some (around 20%).

Try it, Hear for yourself!

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