10 Tips To Improve Your SoundCloud

10 Tips To Improve Your SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an constant resource for artists to get their music heard. It is a platform that is easy to use, easy to share and the platform encourages interaction. Optimizing your SoundCloud can make your grow an audience quicker. Using these tips can help you achieve that.

1. Proper Tagging
Use precise and relevant tags.

2. Social Media Links
Strong links between all social media that you use. Direct all traffic from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc to your SoundCloud.

3. Be Authentic
It’s super important to be you. Don’t give fake comments or fake praise. And don’t try to make music that doesn’t represent who you truly are. You might fool some, but eventually people pick up on who’s real and who’s faking it.

Never ever say “hey come check out my tracks” or anything along those lines! If it’s good people will share it.

5. Treat It Like A Community
Don’t just upload your music and chill. Browse and find people who you like the sounds of and comment on their work, like, etc.

6. Be A Fan [Reach Out]
Be a fan as much as an artist. Don’t play that ‘follow for follow’ game neither. Follow artists whose music you enjoy and listen to and let them know how you feel about that track. Most would sincerely return the favor. Reaching out to your ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will help to expand your network further, on or off of SoundCloud. Consider the benefits of someone liking you based on your personal taste in music, before your appearance.

7. Stay Updated
Always make sure your SoundCloud is up to date. You don’t want someone to go on your profile or music page and feel like no one have been there in the last 3 months or so.

8. Be Genuine
Be genuine. Repost and Like music you dig, but not so much to where people don’t know which music is actually yours.

9. Groups
Get involved in groups & share your songs there. Just keep at it, stay consistent, & over time it will grow. Listen to & leave comments on other people’s songs, but do it without the expectation of them returning the favor.

10. Support For Support
Take the time to listen to other artists’ music in your targeted demographic (soundcloud group). Establishing that common ground is what builds the fanbase. Support to get support.


SoundCloud is all about interaction unless you have a million fans and you’re already established. It’s all about building a rapport with as many people as possible…

Seems now that there are so many more ‘artists’ out there now all trying to get exposure and likes and numbers. They’re playing the numbers game, but don’t just concern yourself with that. Make honest music and stay true to what it is you do.

Make GOOD music! A lot of people spend all their time trying to figure out promotional strategies when the issue is the fact that their music isn’t very good. Take the time to work on your craft. I swear if some of these dudes spent as much time working on emceeing/beat making as they do making Facebook statuses/Twitter posts/etc the music would promote itself!!

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